The Late Movies: Star Trek Humor

Chris Higgins

After posting yesterday's laugh-a-minute-for-fifteen-minutes hit Worf is Always Wrong, I thought I'd round up a few more wacky Star Trek videos. Make it so, Number One!

TNG: Worf is a Punching Bag

Nearly seven minutes of Worf being attacked, shot, and otherwise suffering trauma.

TNG(ish): Wil Wheaton's Voice in 2009 Trek Movie

Did you know Wil Wheaton did some voice acting for the 2009 Trek reboot? Nope, me neither, but it's awesome! Here's one clip in which his voice is clear (towards the end):

TNG: Whose Idea Was it for Data to Have a Cat?

"I have nothing against cats, but that cat never took a piece of direction." Brent Spiner explains Spot to fans.

TNG: Data's "Ode to Spot," Remixed

Relevant to that last clip, Dan Bull takes Data's poem to the Funky Zone. (If you're not familiar with Bull, see The King Spits.) You should also see the original poem.

TNG: 30 Seconds of "What?!"

Love the last one.

TOS: 100 Names in 100 Seconds

Enterprising YouTuber loomyaire writes:

How much time was taken up each week just saying everyone's name aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise? More than you'd think. From the only episode that didn't have a guest star, "The Immunity Syndrome." Season 2. Episode 18.


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