The Hindenburg, Pre- and Post-Disaster

Chris Higgins

If you've seen the Hindenburg before, it's likely only the film of it crashing and burning -- "Oh, the humanity!" and all that. In this extended newsreel from British Pathé, we see the full story of the Hindenburg's last flight, including lots of footage before the crash, and the crash itself with "wild sound" -- just what was recorded on the scene, without commentary (though there is commentary before and after). It's mesmerizing and horrible to watch; 36 people died in the crash. Have a look, if you can muster the courage:

See also: Although the Hindenburg is better remembered, America’s most deadly airship disaster involved the USS Akron (our 119th-ever blog post), and Blimp vs. Zeppelin.

(Via Kottke, via British Pathé.)