Help Wanted: Someone to Write Great Quizzes on Tuesdays


If you've ever taken one of our Lunchtime Quizzes and thought you could come up with something much better, now's your chance. I need someone to take over the Tuesday quizmaster position. This job will consist of writing one quiz a week (for Tuesday) and helping with quiz brainstorming. The job pays $150/month. And perhaps it will lead to other freelance work within the mental_floss media universe.

Here's how you apply:

1. Come up with four great ideas for quizzes. I just need the title and a 1-3 sentence description, and an example question if you think that sells the idea. These can be multiple choice quizzes, Split Decision-style quizzes (X or Y?), name X in Y minutes, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, whatever you want.

2. For your fifth quiz, the subject is "___________ or SuperPAC?" The items in the quiz will either be names of existing SuperPACs or something clever that kind of sounds like them. You figure out that part and give a couple examples.

Here's the all-time most popular quiz list, so you can see what's worked in the past.

Email your ideas plus a one-paragraph bio to by Sunday, March 4th. Looking forward to getting a fresh arm in the rotation!

Sign image via Shutterstock