The Late Movies: 6 of Emily Gilmore's Best Freak-Outs

Erica Palan

Though she’s well-known for her other roles—originating Sheila in A Chorus Line, Baby’s mom in Dirty Dancing—Kelly Bishop, who turns 68 today, is perhaps most recognized for her recent turn as Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. Known for being persistently proper and a little bit stubborn, Emily Gilmore could throw down when she wanted to get her way and melt down when she didn’t. Here are six of her best moments.

Retail Therapy

When furious at her husband, Richard, Emily shops—’til Rory and Lorelei drop.

Visiting Mother-in-Law

The only person who can go toe-to-toe with Emily is her despised mother-in-law. Here, she freaks out over an impending visit.

Emily the Six-Year-Old

Sometimes Emily becomes jealous. When this happens, all flowers should be removed from the house.

Panic Room

In one of Emily Gilmore’s most hilarious moments, she explains why she needs a panic room.

Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out

In an epic smackdown in season six, Emily tries to ground 21-year-old Rory, who is working for Emily’s beloved DAR.

Rory’s Graduation

When Rory finally graduates from Yale—and is about to be proposed to by Logan—Emily lectures Lorelei about “using her pull.”