Dr. Visually's Automagical Facebook Monsterizer


I've been at SXSW the past week, so my next few posts will be about _flossy things I've discovered down there that you probably don't know about yet. First up, Dr. Visually's Automagical Facebook Monsterizer. With a name like that, you're already hooked, n'est–ce pas? It's a fun info graphic generator that uses your Facebook profile/data to produce a cool monster that presents things like, your top status update of all-time, your most popular photo, your top friends, a map of the world showing where your friends live, and a bunch of other interesting stats. Here are a few screen-grabs from my monster.

The info-graphic product is put out by Visual.ly, who also have a pantload of other neat, personalized info graphic products you can produce from your Twitter account. Check 'em all out here.