The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers!


Tuesday would have been Mister Rogers' 84th birthday. Here are some clips to celebrate our favorite neighbor.

Our first video is from 1969, when Fred Rogers went before the Senate to plead for a $20 million grant for public broadcasting, which was in danger of being sliced in half. Watch him seal the deal.

Here's his intro through the years.

Learn how people voted in the 1970s. I think my polling place is still using that machine.

Let's all take a refresher course on how crayons are made.

Might as well brush up on toothpaste production, too.

Also: Trumpets.

Fast forward to 1997, when he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Emmys and gave this touching speech.

Finally, in his own words, Fred Rogers discusses his college days, the first thing he saw on television, his first job in the industry, and much more. This is only one segment of a nine-part interview, which is available in full on YouTube.