Kid Game Rules With Piotr Kron

David K. Israel

Piotr Kron is an interesting fella living in Hannover, Germany (if his YouTube tags are correct) intent on bringing (what I hope is) humor to the subject of children's game rules. Take, for example, his explanation of the rules for Candy Land where he explains, "If you're a grown up and you're playing against a child or several childs (sic), please play hard and fair and do your best to beat them." I think it's hilarious that someone would spend nearly 3 minutes explaining the rules of a game that should only take 1 minute to explain, but watching through to the end is half the fun here.

In the next video, we get the rules for the card game, War, and also this interesting factoid, which I hope isn't made up: In 1957, in Germany, a single game of War lasted more than 146 hours. Watch the video after the jump and decide for yourselves if he's telling the truth or not. A simple Google search turned up nothing for me.

I'll leave you with Piotr's tagline from his YouTube channel: "Thoughts on games, life, child-raising, and the German circumstance."