The Sagan Series: The Humans

Chris Higgins

The Sagan Series continues to surprise. Working with an extremely limited resource (Sagan's reading of the Pale Blue Dot audiobook and portions of Cosmos), editor Reid Gower has continued to find lyrical passages from Sagan and combine them with imagery and audio from other sources. In "The Humans" (the ninth installment of the series), we see a lot of visuals from Koyaanisqatsi, music by The Album Leaf, a handful of other sources, plus of course Sagan's narration. And it is wonderful. The kids have to see this.

I think there are good videos featuring Sagan and there are not-so-good ones -- and I worry that the crummy stuff will overtake the good. So it's encouraging to see such a shining example of good work here: Gower actually uses the video medium to add something to what Sagan was saying. He doesn't just illustrate; he inspires. Good job, Mr. Gower.

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