The Late Movies: Best of the Swedish Chef

Erica Palan

Even before the Food Network, people were making fun of television chefs. More accurately—the Muppets were making fun of television chefs. The Swedish Chef has grown to be a beloved Muppet. Here, see some of his most notable segments. Bork, bork, bork!

Swedish Meatballs

The Swedish Chef made Swedish meatballs for his first dish. Naturally.

Turtle Soup

I think the turtle wins.

Chickie in the Baskee


Ping Pong Ball Eggs

It's not recommended to try this with eggs at home.

Home-Cooked Meal

Vitamins for dinner?!

Japanese Cake

This cake is not happy about getting cut.

The Swedish Chef's Uncle

Danny Kaye plays the part on an episode of the Muppet Show.

Fishy Chowder

"To make the fishy chowder, you need the fishy fish."