The Late Movies: Tesla Coils Making Music

Chris Higgins

Did you know that Tesla coils can be tuned and played together (under computer control) to make music? News to me. Judging from the sheer volume of YouTube videos showing Tesla coils in musical settings, this is a fairly popular hobby. Enjoy these ten songs -- and share your favorites in the comments!

"Dueling Banjos"

Listen for the little bits of "Yankee Doodle."

"Ghostbusters" Theme

Best YouTube commenter: "DON'T CROSS THE BEAMS!"

"Legend of Zelda" Theme

Includes Dr. Zeus, fluorescent light tubes, and balloons. Um. Wow.

"The Imperial March"

As performed by ArcAttack, one of several popular Tesla coil groups.

"House of the Rising Sun"

The coils appear only to play the lead lines; I hear backup instruments in there too.

"Super Mario Bros." Theme

This is the aboveground theme. You might also enjoy the dungeon theme.

"Back to the Future" Theme

Great Scott!

"Dr. Who" Theme

Hey, those do look a little like Daleks.

"Fade to Black"

Just playing some Metallica in the garage. This one ends well.

"Toccata and Fugue in D Minor"

Bach would be proud.

What Did I Miss?

Post your favorite crazy Tesla coil music in the comments. There's a LOT of this out there.