Twitter Saved This Couple's Wedding

Jill Harness

Lauren and Dan Welch had given their wedding planner a $7,000 deposit when, only six weeks before the big date, they found out the company had folded. Upset and looking for advice, Lauren posted about her unfortunate circumstances on Twitter. Soon enough, her followers started retweeting her request for help and British celebrities Davina McCall and Dannii Minogue joined in on the retweeting parade. With the stars' help, the message eventually reached millions of people, many of whom offered their assistance for free or discount rates.

By the time the photography, catering, jewelry, cake, wardrobe, makeup and other services were offered, the couple had received around $16,000 worth of wedding goods. They only had to spend about $8,000 of their own funds.

While there is always plenty of news about the internet being used for evil, it's nice to hear about a social network helping someone in an immeasurable way.

[Via The Guardian; Image courtesy of harry-m's Flickr stream]