Explaining E=mc² Using a Radioactive Space Cat

Chris Higgins

I'm no scientician, but I'm vaguely aware of this one formula, E=mc². Apparently it's a big deal. In the video below, the good people of Minute Physics rapidly explain how to derive the formula, using a theoretical scenario involving a radioactive cat in space, a spacecraft, and some math. For a two-minute explanation, this is remarkably complete (at least to a non-math-genius) -- though it goes by a little too fast for me to grasp each point. I had to keep backing it up and re-running it, and even then there were some "huh?" moments. What do you think?

In searching for other explanations of the formula on YouTube, I found a bunch of super-dry, hard-to-follow discussions -- which seemed far worse that the video above. Have you seen a better explanation of it? Post your thoughts in the comments.

(Via Devour.)