The Late Movies: Modern Internet Stuff, 80s and 90s Style

Chris Higgins

The folks at Squirrel-monkey have been putting together parody videos showing what popular online games and websites today might have looked like twenty or thirty years ago. The videos are short, goofy, and a lot of the jokes will make little sense to people younger than about 30. Enjoy!

The Facebook (90s Style)

"The Facebook is a digital online internet computer web sightseeing you can open with your website browser." Love the Timeline reference.

Angry Birds 1982

This could almost be an Atari 2600 game, but the sprites are too complex. PC BASIC all the way!

Twitter in the 80s

This is what Twitter might have looked like if you had a really sweet PC with an EGA/VGA display and a really fast modem. Bonus points for the Peter Gabriel reference in the (period-accurate) nearly-illegible colored list of tweets.

Google BBS

ASCII Art and everything! The source code is available.

Draw Something as a PC Game

Looks like an Amiga to me. Loads a little too fast.