Did you learn the elements of the periodic table by singing a song? It's quite common these days. Me? I never learned the elements at all! Here are some songs about elements, the periodic table, and one about safety in the chemistry lab at the end, because that's important, too.

The Element Song

Tom Lehrer sings the period table of elements. The accompanying video is Google search generated.

Periodic Table SYMBOLS in Order Song

It was meant as a study aid. Did it help you? Oh yeah, in case it went a little fast for you, the lyrics are at the YouTube page …or on any periodic table of elements.

Meet the Elements

By They Might Be Giants.

Chemical Calisthenics

A live performance by Blackalicious. Rapping about science in Seattle in 2006.

Element Rap

An aid to help you memorize the first twenty elements. Those are the easy ones!

The Periodic Table Rap

This one explains where the periodic table came from. By Loc Tran and Ryan Daube, who were trying to impress their teacher.

Happy Mole Day

This is to help you remember what a mole is, and how to calculate the measurement.

In Da Lab

Certain rules of Chemistry Class are laid out in this student video from Neilsville, Wisconsin.