The Late Movies: Stunning Timelapse Films


Photographer Alex Rivest has made a habit of creating beautiful timelapse films. Some are very popular, but others have been seen by only a handful of people. Here are some of my favorites from Rivest's collection; there are more on his Vimeo page.


Scenes of life in Amsterdam, July 2011. My favorites are the water closeups.

Lava in Hawaii

File under: beautiful to look at, glad I wasn't there.

Milky Way

From 2010 in Williamstown, Massachusetts, 30-second exposures.

In Their Light: Star Trails from Five Continents

Hawaii, Maine, Iceland, Ecuador, New Zealand, Massachusetts, California, Stromboli (Italy) and Ghana.

Mirror Lakes

On the South Island of New Zealand. (This one is short.)

Off the West Coast of Java

Volcanoes in slow motion.


Fire, water, and dance music.

The Stars as Viewed from the International Space Station

Rivest is best known for this video, which I've mentioned previously.