Friday the 13th needn't have you scared -you aren't superstitious, are you? I didn't think so. So grab your black cat, relax, and try to spell triskaidekaphobia. Oh, forget that, just enjoy these songs and videos about Friday the 13th.

I Don't Scare

Popeye has to deal with the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th in this cartoon from 1956.

Can You Spell Triskaidekaphobia?

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. If you can't spell it, you can suffer from it!


The Stevie Wonder hit of 1972. He was only 22 years old at the time.

That Movie

The original 1980 Friday the 13th film. Actually just the trailer. Summer camps have been seeing declining business ever since.

The Lego Version

Jason Voorhees in minifig doesn't seem so terrifying!


The song by Shooter Jennings & Hierophant from the 2010 album Black Ribbons. Skip to about 2:30 for music if you get tired of the explanatory intro.

I Ain't Superstitious

Performed by Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck.

Friday the 13th

Thelonius Monk, from the 1959 album The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall.