The Late Movies: Songs About Hard Work on Tax Night

Erica Palan

I don't know about you _flossers, but I just forked over a few hundred hard-earned dollars to Uncle Sam. Even though I support tax paying, I still feel a little sting handing over cold, hard cash after working so hard for it in the first place. Here, six songs about putting your nose to the grindstone and earning that dough. (And hey, you have until midnight to file that extension!)

Workin' on the Highway

Bruce Springsteen captures the hopes of many hard-working Americans when he sings, "Someday, mister, I'm gonna lead a better life than this."

A Hard Day's Night

This hugely popular Beatles song proved that the British rock stars weren't just a one-hit wonder. Hard workers, those Beatles.

Salt of the Earth

The Rolling Stones drank "for the hard-working people." Cheers to that.

9 to 5

I may or may not listen to the song every Monday on the bus to work.

Workin' for a Living

Huey Lewis and the News sang, "I'm supposed to get a raise week, you know damn well I won't."

She Works Hard for the Money

The video for this song was a very important part of my VH1-watching years. That lady had so many jobs!