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Largest Boulder Ever Transported in Modern Times Arrives in LA

David K. Israel

As previously reported on this blog, Los Angeles has recently entered the Guinness Book for largest boulder ever transported in modern times.

A 340-ton, 21 1/2-foot-high granite boulder recently travelled to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art at night, on closed roads at less than 10 mph, led by a police escort. The approximately 85-mile journey, normally a one and a half hour drive, took a circuitous route lasting 11 days! A 456-foot-long, ramp-like slot in the ground, 15 feet deep, runs beneath the monolith, which will allow people to walk under it once the installation is open to the public. When the rock arrived last month, journalists from around the world and hundreds of onlookers, armed with cellphone cameras and noisemakers, turned out to welcome it. While I wasn't there the night it rolled in, I took these pictures recently and will continue to report on the progress as it develops. Incidentally, the tall building in the background is Variety's HQ, if you can make out the signage at the top. Reporting from 6th street, behind LACMA, this is David Israel. Back to you, um, other bloggers of the _floss.