The Man Who Gave Up Money

Chris Higgins

In 2000, Daniel Suelo opted out of the cash economy. For the past dozen years, he hasn't used money, hasn't paid taxes, and hasn't used government financial assistance services. He eats roadkill, rummages through dumpsters, and lives in caves. And what's weirder, he has a blog. In addition to his blog, he maintains an amusingly kooky FAQ about how he lives without money. My favorite question: 28. You are a hypocrite/a bum/mentally ill/an egotist/self-righteous, saying you live moneyless. But you can live this way only because you are in a land of wealth & industrious people. Aren't you biting the hand that feeds you? Why do you scavenge off civilization's waste rather than live off the land or grow your own food? Good question(s), frankly. While his answers may or may not satisfy you, this four-minute video gives you a small taste of what his life is like:

This appears to be a book trailer/micro-documentary of sorts for The Man Who Quit Money, a book about Suelo that's actually doing quite well.

(Via Devour.)