Amazing Photos of Ants Being Awesome

Jill Harness

It can be a challenge to get insects to look like majestic, beautiful creatures given how much most humans can't stand anything with six legs, but as previously featured photographers Ondrej Pakan and Amishboy have already shown us, it's far from impossible.

Andrey Pavlov is yet another photographer with the ability to remind us that there is a whole world of wonder going on right outside our homes and under our feet.

Unlike the other insect photographers featured here though, Pavlov focuses on one specific insect model of choice, the tiny but by-no-means-feeble ant. He calls his series Ant Tales and while not all of the images portray an accurate picture of life as an ant, they certainly do seem to tell a story about these tiny little cooperative workers.

Don't miss the rest of his gallery over at for more incredible photos of these amazing creatures.