[Originally published January 9, 2008]

I was clicking through our archives recently and discovered something pretty impressive: almost every blogger on this site, including yours truly, has written about geeks and nerds at one point or another.Some highlights include: Stacy outing herself as a geek, Ransom discussing geeks and religion, Miss Cellania presenting some really fun geek cakes, Higgins on the Nerd Handbook and Nerdcore hip hop, and one of my favs, Becky posing the question: What is a nerd, anyway?

Clearly we have an especial affinity for geeks and nerds here at the _floss, and my hunch is you readers do, too. So why not share an anecdote, eh? What's the geekiest/nerdiest thing you've ever done? I'll get it going here by disclosing this: I was in Revenge of the Nerds II.

I know it sounds apocryphal, but it's true; I was an extra in the film and actually made the final cut. In this screen grab, you can see me, topless, on the far right.

nerd6.jpgAnd what's even nerdier than being in a film about nerds? How about this: You can see me pulling my glasses down to get a better look at the girls. Thing is, they were prescription glasses, not sunglasses. Ooops. (In my defense, I was 18 years old, sporting a mullet so dramatic it must have affected my ability to think straight.)

Your turn!