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Really Big Tetris

Chris Higgins

MIT's 21-story Green Building was briefly transformed into a giant Tetris game on on September 12, 2011. That game was shut down due to glitches in gameplay. But last Friday, April 20, a fully functioning version of Tetris ran on the building, controlled by a console at ground level. That console was labeled: "Danger: DO NOT play Tetris on Green Bldg." But Tetris players gotta play. According to a first-person account of the game, the second level featured lighter colored blocks (making them harder to discern), and the third level included color-shifting blocks, making things even more confusing and hard to play...all of which you can see in this video:

For more coverage (and a list of great Tetris hacks), check out this story from BostInno. As you may recall, Tetris on a building is not new, it's just awesome.