The Bat Symbol's Evolution

Chris Higgins

Meanwhile, at the Bat Cave, the Bat Symbol has been changing. Since its first appearance in 1941, designers have tweaked the icon emblazoned on Batman's chest and appearing on various Batphernalia, adapting it for each new iteration of the Batman story. In this video, you can watch the Bat Symbol morph through many versions. Watch as the symbol stretches, contracts, and develops new angles for each era. (I chose to mute the U2 soundtrack, for what it's worth.)

For a non-video treatment of the same subject, check out Andrei Robu's "Changes of the Bat Symbol." See also: Bat-Signal on Wikipedia.

What's Your Favorite Bat Symbol?

For me it has to be the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film version, featured on so many iconic tee shirts of my youth. A close second is the groovy 1966 Batman TV version, with its broadly scooping curves. Quick, Robin, to the Bat Comments Section for further geeky discussion!

(Via Devour.)