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When You Devote Your Life to Pure Evil, Your Looks Really Pay the Price

Back in 2007 Andrew Sullivan noticed Osama Bin Laden was looking rather old in video recordings. So he penned him a satirical open letter in The Atlantic suggesting he put more effort into his personal appearance by employing a little hair dye to take off a few years.

As was reported after his killing one year ago today, Bin Laden did indeed have a stock of Just For Men dye in his compound in Abbottabad.

But the age-defying dye isn’t the only American brand to find itself regrettably tied to a mass-murdering villain. Saddam Hussein loved him some Doritos. Kool-Aid somehow got roped into the Jonestown massacre - and a cliche that won’t die - despite their product not even being used in the mass suicide. Kim Jong Il loved the film Friday the 13th, which he probably thought was a real heart warmer.

Do We Have Any Readers in Sweden?

Is this really how you spend your lunch breaks?

If You Enjoyed the New Batman Trailer This Week You Really Owe A Debt of Gratitude to Those Brave, Selfless (and Probably Unemployed) People All Over the World That Made It Possible

Who knew that Batman had so many sleuthing sidekicks?

Today I Learned on Reddit’s Today I Learned: Jim Davis Got Really Odd With Garfield For About A Week

Back in 1989, Garfield took a week off of devouring lasagna, taking naps and terrorizing Odie to ponder some deep existential dread, ponder his own existence and dwell in debilitating loneliness.

May 2, 1933: Nessie’s Big Debut

According to the History Channel, today marks 79 years since the world famous - and definitely real - Loch Ness Monster was first sighted. Later the Daily Mail ran the following headline declaring Nessie's existence a verifiable truth.

“The Only Difference Between Salvador Dali and Crazy People Is That Dali Is Not Crazy”

Nothing like asking someone a borderline insulting question and getting a very honest, hilarious answer in response. Open Culture posted this video today - and I found myself surprised to realize it’s the first time I’ve ever heard him speak.

In addition to being funny, having the best facial hair ever and taking the best pet walks ever, Dali was also an illeist.

This Gives An Entirely New Meaning to Squatting Over a Hole in the Ground

I promise you won't get in trouble for reading this article at work.

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