Space Mountain With the Lights On

Chris Higgins
Central Press/Getty Images
Central Press/Getty Images / Central Press/Getty Images

John Frost of The Disney Blog came across Space Mountain while it was out of service, or "101" in Disney's secret code language. All the lights were on, showing the complex track and glimpses of the guts of the ride, which kind of ruins the experience -- or, if you're a roller coaster geek, gives you some idea of how it works. Frost captured this video from the PeopleMover (a tram running alongside the ride), showing the coaster in a way it wasn't meant to be seen:

For comparison, here's a first-person view of the ride (as it was intended; not from the PeopleMover's POV) while in regular operation. Because the ride happens mostly in darkness (and goes fairly fast), this is mostly a video of blackness with shaky glimpses of the car's edge in front of the camera, but you'll get the idea:

If you're interested in this sort of thing, this lights-on video may also be interesting -- it shows a POV of the ride with the lights on, although the quality isn't the best:

(Via Gizmodo.)