The Late Movies: AC/DC on the Ukulele

Erica Palan

AC/DC is pretty cool. Ukuleles are also pretty cool. What happens when you combine them? Totally awesome videos of people playing AC/DC songs on ukes! Here's six great uke versions of the hard rock band's best hits. If you could learn to play any song on the ukulele, what would it be? (I'm kind of obsessed with this version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit".)

Hells Bells

The song was the first track on AC/DC's comeback album. It was written to commemorate the death of AC/DC's former lead singer, Bon Scott.


Angus Young picks every note in this epic tune's main riff. Does that translate to uke?

You Shook Me All Night Long

Is there anyone on Earth who doesn't like to scream the chorus of this song?

Back in Black

This song was ranked No. 4 on VH1's list of the 40 Greatest Metal Songs. Somehow, we think it would rank a little lower if the band had played it on the uke originally.

Girls Got Rhythm

AC/DC is often praiseed for this song's pop sensibility.


I can't hear this song without thinking of the commercials for Napoleon Dynamite. Personally, I think he would've preferred the uke version of this song.