Making Your Own Disneyland Parade

Chris Higgins

Alex George is a bit of a tinkerer. He got his hands on the Disneyland Main Street Collection, a series of miniatures that replicates the Main Street attraction at Disneyland -- including various floats that go by in its lighted Main Street Electrical Parade. But there's one big problem: the miniatures don't move. So George engineered an elaborate, ingenious system to mechanize the Electrical Parade. The project is truly impressive in scope, involving CAD renderings, lots of construction, and electronics. Here's how he did it:

And here's a video of the finished, mechanized parade:

Just buying the miniatures apparently costs thousands of dollars, not to mention all that mechanization work. This is really a labor of awesomely nerdy love. You can read more about Alex George at his website.

(Via BoingBoing.)