Ze Frank on Getting Happy (ft. Chris Higgins)

Chris Higgins

Ze Frank has been making awesome internet videos since before that was a thing. Today, I have the honor to appear briefly* in his show Chase That Happy, which is concerned with how we get happy when we aren't. While the goal of life isn't to be happy all the time, perhaps it is to watch Ze Frank and hope that maybe, someday, he will blink.

Representative quote: "For example I discovered Happy Typing, where you type like a Crazy Secretary in a silent film. [Frank types crazily]" Content note: there's some NSFW language in this video, but it's fleeting. There's also a mildly NSFW view of my unkempt back yard: horticulturists beware!

Frank mentions the Everything Thing, a previous video dealing with cognitive looping and anxiety, among other topics. Worth a look. Also, if you have no idea who this guy is, get educated. He basically invented the quick-cutting video blog, in 2006.

* = Shameless self-promotion alert (albeit belated to this footnote). This is what I got for tossing a hundred bucks at dude's Kickstarter.