Ask a Question and Win This Book!

Jason English

I need a favor.

On Wednesday — and if it goes well, at least once a month — we're going to chain Matt Soniak to his desk and make him answer 20 Big Questions.* Is there anything you've been dying to know?

Leave a comment with your question suggestion. We'll pick one person at random and send them a copy of Joel Stein's new book Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity. And if we answer your question this week, we'll send you a mental_floss t-shirt. The stakes are high!

Stacy Conradt and Kathy Benjamin are also pitching in Wednesday. (Of their own free will. No chains.) And to steal a phrase from Bill Simmons (and the creator of Batman), I've put out the Bat Signal to Erin McKean. Come teach us word things!

* Here are examples of past Big Questions.