Who Are Your Nerd Heroes?

Jason English

On Fridays, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply (you really can do that now!), whatever you want. On to this week's topics of discussion...

1. When you were growing up (or now), who were your nerd heroes? I ask because I'm pushing for a mental_floss nerd hero poster series. Who deserves to be included?

2. I just heard someone use the phrase, "I wish I could un-see that!" If you had the power to actually un-see any one thing, what would it be?

3. Is there a city, state, or country you've never actually been to, but you always thought you really belonged there?

4. Let's say you inherited a wildly profitable sports franchise that your family has been running for 40 years. You could either stick around and run it yourself or sell it and pocket a huge chunk of money. (For our purposes, we'll say your personal share would be $750 million after taxes.) Would you continue running the family business or go enjoy your windfall?

5. I liked the thing we did last week, where you guys asked each other questions. Let's make that the regular last question. Ask away!

[Enjoy the long weekend! See all the previous Friday Happy Hour transcripts.]