At this year's Maker Faire, Adam Savage delivered a speech about "why we make" -- a discussion largely about how Savage gets kids interested in making things. But first, he started with a story about his exquisitely perfect Indiana Jones fedora. He begins: "This is a replica of Harrison Ford's hat from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yes, one of the most important movies ever, it came out when I was 13 years old, [it] changed my life, gave me a new ... kind of action hero I fell in love with. And the same thing happened to a guy named Mark Kitter [who became interested in Ford's hat]. ... So he taught himself millinery -- hat-making -- in order to make a perfect Raiders of the Lost Ark hat. You know, it gets better: he started a company."

Also: "He literally had me measure my head both in the morning and in the evening, because apparently your head size changes." Good to know.

Check out, of course, the Adventurebilt Hat Company and Savage's speech from 2009 on failure.

(Via Boing Boing.)