Friday Is Geek Pride Day. There Are Prizes Involved.

Jason English

Friday, May 25, is International Geek Pride Day. We didn't invent it — according to Wired, a guy named Tim McEachern deserves some of the credit. He started the Geek Pride Festival in Albany, New York, in 1998. Geek Pride Day later spread to Spain and across the Internet. The date was chosen to commemorate the 1977 premiere of Star Wars. Big day in geek history.

To celebrate this year, we want to hear about your proudest geek moment. Define that however you like. But make it memorable! On Friday, we'll award six mental_floss prizes for our favorites.

Can't wait to hear your stories!

Also, this is happening:

Wednesday Update!

Let's announce winners each day. We'll start with Monte and his awesome action figure photos. Congratulations! Tomorrow, we'll give away three prizes, then two more Friday next week. Keep the Geek Pride flowing!

Thursday Update!

More winners! Quinn Kess! Itunkin! Gage!

One More Update!

Congrats to Accidental Docent (great name for a coming-of-age memoir, by the way) and, for passing the geekdom to the next generation, Rin Prochak-Musick!

Let's do this again next year!