The Late Movies: Lobsters

Erica Palan

By the time you read this, I will be stuffing my face with lobster rolls in Maine. Pretend you're on vacation with me by checking out these lobster-themed songs. (Plus find out why you shouldn't trust Friends when it comes to this crustacean.)

Rock Lobster

According to a 2010 article, John Lennon was inspired to begin recording again after a five-year hiatus when he heard this song by the B-52s.

The Lobster Quadrille

Also known as the "Mock Turtle's Song," this song that the Mock Turtle recites in Alice in Wonderland has been covered by many artists, including Carly Simon.

Lobster Bucket

Scroll to 3:00 for the song.

Lobster Song!

This song by the exclamation-point-obsessed Aquabats is wacky and fun.

The Lobster Song

This adorable old guy is something of a minor YouTube celeb. There are multiple videos of him singing this funny little lobster ditty.

He's Her Lobster!

No, this is not a song, but this seemed like an excellent time to correct a common misconception perpetuated by Phoebe on Friends. In this episode, she says lobsters mate for life. False! (Pardon the subtitles; it was the only embeddable version!)