The Late Movies: Dogs Learning to Walk

Erica Palan

Since last week's post about deaf babies learning to hear through technological advancements, I've been obsessed with inspirational videos. Today, I bring you an entirely different brand of feel-good scientific miracles: paralyzed dogs re-learning to walk after accidents. While it's sad to see them when they're hurting and healing, watching them trot across the screen at the end of the videos is motivational enough to keep you hooked.


This three-year-old Lhasa Apso was paralyzed in his rear legs.


Lots of positive reinforcement from mom helped Mercy take a little walk around his backyard.


This little dude works on his walking to the sweet soundtrack of James Brown.


You can read all about Ronan's story of survival in this video.


This video is a little long, but it's fun to get to know Holmes and see his progress.


After surgery, this cute little dachshund couldn't walk for a full month. Look at her hop now!