Your Partner for Mushroom Processing on an Industrial Scale

Chris Higgins

Havatec makes, among other things, massive industrial machinery for processing mushrooms. Now, the world of industrial mushroom processing may not seem that interesting, and I'll admit I'm glad it's not my day job, but it's impressive to see how much effort and thoughtful mechanical work has gone into sorting, trimming, and otherwise preparing mushrooms for sale. It's a complex process, and most of it is automated; human workers guide the process at key points, but for the most part this gigantic machine does the work. In the last minute of the video, we see a sort of Raiders of the Lost Ark view of crate after crate of mushrooms, all sorted and ready for sale. BEHOLD:

If you liked that, you'll love this (non-English) video for their Gerber Daisy sorting/packing system (stick around for the end, where you see the daisies getting a drink):

They also have a system that processes tulips. And no, I don't work for Havatec, though I'd love a free test system. As long as it comes with a free warehouse full of flowers and/or produce.

(Via Kottke.)