In 1921, Babe Ruth Received a French Poodle From a Wounded Veteran

Jason English

Every so often, we find an awesome or bizarre historical stock image and present it here without comment. This is one of those times.

© Bettmann/CORBIS, 1921

Original caption: Babe Ruth, King of Swat, was presented with a French poodle pup this afternoon at the Polo Grounds, by Douglas Myles, of Dupont, N.J. Myles, who has been bedridden since his return from France where he fought in the Argonne, was carried to the Polo Grounds from Fox Hills Hospital on a stretcher by Knights of Columbus workers to see his first ball game of the season. Propped up on the stretcher, Myles presented the Babe with the pup, which has been named Casee in honor of the K. of C. He declared the pup will be a mascot for the Babe in the breaking of his home run record. The photo shows Babe accepting Casee from Myles.

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