The Late Movies: Bill Cosby, Himself

Erica Palan

If I think long and hard about the first thing that I found truly funny, it's stand-up comedy. (Which is especially odd because I don't even like stand-up comedy.) The first stand-up I saw was a VHS tape of Bill Cosby, Himself. Cosby taped the show in 1983 in Ontario and he cracks jokes about everything from drinking to parenthood to marriage. Here's six of my favorite moments.

On Dentists

"This will suck up your face. The dentist goes outside to laugh at you. And you sit, grown-up, intelligent being, arguing with this thing."

On Having Cake for Breakfast

"I seem to be having trouble intellectualizing where the cooking apparel is."

On Getting Drunk

"You put your head on the side of bowl. And you thank the toilet bowl."

On Being Named Jesus Christ

"Jesus Christ, sit down!"

On Understanding Children

"The only time they tell the truth is if they're having pain. I have a 15-month-old child who knows when to lie."

On Brain Damage

"All children have brain damage."