Blade Runner: Special International Non-Director's Cut Watercolor Edition (Workprint)

Chris Higgins

Blade Runner was famously shown in seven different versions: a workprint shown to test audiences, a sneak preview shown only once, a theatrical cut, an "international" cut for non-US audiences, a broadcast version for CBS, a Director's Cut that the director didn't really approve of, and a "Final Cut" (aka "25th Anniversary Edition") that is supposed to be the last word on the film. So it would seem we don't need any more versions of Blade Runner.

But now, painter Anders Ramsell has put together a portion of Blade Runner -- about thirteen minutes of the film -- using 3,285 watercolor paintings. Combining the paintings with original audio from the film, we see a beautifully sketchy version of Blade Runner rendered in hazy, colorful washes, which Ramsell refers to as the "Aquarelle Edition." (Aquarelle is a French term for watercolors, and also a name applied to various watercolor pencils). The Voight-Kampff never looked so ambiguous.

This is labeled as a teaser, so we can assume Ramsell is prepared to paint lots more frames. My favorite line in this bit (as with the original movie): "Do you like our owl?"

(Via Kottke.)