The Late Movies: Larry David Turns 65

Colin Patrick

It's pretty remarkable that today is Larry David's 65th birthday, because he's been acting like a cranky senior citizen for decades. You’ve likely seen him on Curb Your Enthusiasm or heard him as George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld, so let’s skip those and take a look at some of the lesser seen moments of the undisputed King of curmudgeon comedy.

(Please be aware that these videos may contain some NSFW language.)

Talking With A Dictator
Back in 1980 ABC launched the show Fridays in an attempt to create their own SNL-like series – and Larry David became part of the cast. Here he delivers a monologue about his “old pal” Muammar “Mo” Gaddafi.

David Plays A Plastic Surgeon
In another sketch from the short-lived ABC sketch series, David plays a plastic surgeon who fields a unique patient request.

Larry David Getting Back Into Stand-Up
This footage was part of the HBO comedy special that his series Curb Your Enthusiasm was then based on. The “usted vs. tu form” bit in this video is one of the most brilliantly simple bits I’ve ever seen.

David at the NY Improv

One of the most repeated anecdotes about the stand-up style of the young Larry David is the penchant he had for getting angry and yelling at the audience. He’s often described to have, at least on one occasion, taken the stage, only to give the crowd one look, tell them “Nevermind” and just walk off the stage. In this clip, Jason Alexander talks a little about David’s performance style while presenting him the Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award in 2010.

Larry David Explains His Very Larry David-Like Moment
If you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm you just come away wondering if – and hoping that – Larry David actually behaves every day in real life just like his character on the show. Not too long ago TMZ caught him on video having an issue with a parking garage exit gate. It was just like a Curb episode – just with fewer people screaming at him and calling him names. He went on Conan not too long after the garage incident and explained what happened.

David and the Cast of Seinfeld Talk About Him Walking Away From the Legendary Show He Co-Created