Riffing on Rock History
In this video Alex Chadwick of the Chicago Music Exchange flies through 100 iconic guitar riffs in just over 12 minutes. It’s amazing that he can do that. And it’s amazing how many of them I knew.

100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N' Roll) from Chicago Music Exchange on Vimeo.


Now, I’m No Social Media Guru, But I Think Crowdsourcing Synergy Will Send This Thing Viral on the Information Superhighway Blogosphere
I agree with most of these 15 tech terms and phrases that have run their course.


In Some Places This Would Be A HUGE Compliment to the Chef

I’m not sure where I'd find those mythical places where belching is high praise. All I know is that they aren’t anywhere I’ve ever been. But if you happen to travel to one of them, or your 4th of July cookout is just entirely too classy and needs to be brought down a peg, this video could help.

I’m not sure this classifies as NSFW. But it certainly qualifies as STWIMNOAAYWWPCPTLTOOY (Something That, While It May Not Offend Anyone At Your Work, Will Probably Cause People To Lower Their Opinion Of You).


Scientists Use Sound to Project Images on Screens Made of Soap Bubbles
That’s the headline of this article. I had to read it 11 times just to understand what it was saying and how and why. That’s the kind of concept that seems so incredibly confusing to figure out that typically if someone told me about that happening, I would just think they were stringing a bunch of words together to make up a nonsensical scientific concept to see if I would buy it, so they could run off and make fun of me to other people.

Guy #1: “Did you hear what we told Perkins? We actually got him to believe you could use sound waves to project images! Sound waves! What an idiot!”

Guy #2: “And tell them what you said that these “scientists” projected these sound wave images onto.”

Guy #1: “Oh yeah, it gets even better. We told him they projected them onto, wait for it, a screen made of soap bubbles.

Guy #2: “And he totally went for it!”

Crowd: “What an idiot!”

Yeah, well guess what, Group-Of-People-I-Just-Made-Up, this is real.


Getting All Tuned Up For the Olympics. The Choral Music Olympics, That Is.
If you hate swimming and floor routines and javelins, but love the show Glee, you’ll want to skip London and head straight for Cincinnati.

Also: I know I’d be much more likely to watch the Olympics if some of these discontinued events were brought back.


Rest in Peace, Sheriff Taylor
As you know by now, the great Andy Griffith has passed away. The AV Club rounded up 20 wonderfully irrelevant Andy Griffith Show conversations.