The Late Movies: Fireworks Around the World

Chris Higgins

To celebrate Independence Day in the US, I've collected fireworks displays from around the world. Can't find a good fireworks show in your neighborhood? Just make these fullscreen and crank up the speakers.

New Year's Day 2012 - London

BBC One's coverage of the fireworks display in London for New Year's 2012, complete with an over-the-top musical medley. Now you know what Big Ben looks like spouting rockets. Set this one to HD and be amazed.

Disney's Crazy Star Wars Fireworks Display

As part of "Disney's Last Tour to Endor," this fireworks show was staged in Orlando, Florida featuring the John Williams score and miscellaneous dialogue from the films. Remember that last seen in Jedi? This is nothing like that. Warning: contains tons of spoilers for the movies (on the bright side, it spoils the prequels too).

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

Just over a month ago, this happened.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Fireworks Celebration from KFOG Radio 104.5/97.7 on Vimeo.

Kim Dotcom's New Zealand Fireworks Display

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom put on a half-million-dollar fireworks show for the people of Auckland, New Zealand. Without getting into Dotcom's legal situation, this is kind of awesome:

Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

This display highlights individual fireworks, and is much more restrained than most displays I've seen.

Omagari, Japan (?)

The location of this is just a guess based on YouTube comments. Regardless, this is beautiful -- and a real contrast to the previous Japanese video.

2011 Disney World Christmas Show

Near Orlando, Florida.

July 4, 2010, Austin Texas

They say everything's bigger in Texas -- and for your sake, I hope your subwoofer is sufficiently powerful to handle all the bass in this display.

Virtual Fireworks

This display was created using FWsim, a fireworks simulator. This is why we have computers.