The Scream-Powered Photo Booth

Jill Harness
Newsboy hawks newspapers with a yell, ca. 1930
Newsboy hawks newspapers with a yell, ca. 1930 / Kirn Vintage Stock/GettyImages

From the outside, the Screamotron3000 might seem like the world's most terrifying photo booth. Inside though, it's not really that bad -- the only problem is that your vocal cords might get a little strained if you want to take more than one picture. That's because this particular photo booth is triggered exclusively by the sound of screams. From WebUrbanist:

"Photographer Billy Hunt wanted to get through that veneer to the real heart of humanity, so he made a different kind of photo booth. In the Screamotron3000, users activate the shutter by screaming. The camera will only snap a picture once the decibel level reaches a certain height – and once it does, the image that it captures is one that is anything but that person’s absolute best. Strained faces, contorted features and defensive body language are all seen regularly in these very unusual pictures."

The best part of the project is seeing how different people look while screaming. Some look terrified or angry, but a surprising number seem like they couldn't be happier getting everything off their chests.