This is What 10,500,000 Firecrackers Looks Like

Chris Higgins

This is the time of year when I trot out the time-honored tradition of complaining about my neighbors' late-night disposal of leftover fireworks. The neighborhood dogs howl along with me, forming our own little complaint choir. But there is a level of awesomeness achievable by a fireworks display, even one using only firecrackers, that's rarely imagined in my neighborhood.

In 2006, in Appleton, Wisconsin, a fireworks convention was host to a completely insane feat of firecracker combustion -- over 10 million firecrackers were set off in one string. According to the YouTube post this is a record for: "the most firecrackers lit in one megastring (approx. 10,500,000) and the most firecrackers in one superstring (it is the vertical string of crackers)." Big fireworks go boom.

If this weren't so festive, it'd be like a frickin' war or something.

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