Every Space Shuttle Launch in One Video

Chris Higgins

NASA's Space Shuttle program (formally known as the "Space Transportation System" or STS) saw 135 launches, beginning in 1982. After the final STS mission in 2011, artist McLean Fahnestock completed his assembly of "Grand Finale," a video showing footage of every STS launch, arranged in chronological order, including sound. Those of us who remember STS-51-L (the final Challenger mission and the twenty-fifth Shuttle launch) can't help looking for it.

Grand Finale 2010-11 from McLean Fahnestock on Vimeo.

Fahnestock has some interested related artwork on his website. And if you enjoyed this, you will love ASCENT: Celebrating the Space Shuttle and Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Launch. Also awesome: Miss Cellania's roundup of Space Shuttle videos and article on Enterprise: The First Space Shuttle.