Vi Hart Makes a Video About Making a Video About Making a Video

Chris Higgins

Vi Hart makes videos primarily about math (we've written about her before). But how does she make the videos? The typical Vi Hart video involves a lot of drawing, ultra-fast narration, quick cuts, and fast-motion video. Finally, after years of making videos, Vi Hart has made a video about making videos. But making that video entails making a script for that video, which means that within the script, the future is the present referring to itself as the past, so the video gets a little...meta. So basically this is more of a video about making videos about making videos, if you catch my drift. Just put a Malkovich in your Malkovich and enjoy.

The best part starts around 3:30, when we are introduced to the Boring Drawing Stuff Intern.

See also: Ethan's video about making a video about Vi Hart making a video. Tangentially related and extremely funny to me (but with NSFW language throughout -- you have been warned!), Documentary the Series, in which two guys make documentaries about each other simultaneously, and meta-hilarity ensues.