The World's Only Vegetarian Shark


If you've ever wanted to meet the sharks from Finding Nemo that are trying to give up eating fish because "fish are friends, not food," then you'd better book a trip to England to visit Birmingham's National Sea Life Centre. That's because the center is home to the world's first and only vegetarian shark.

Or at least, Florence thinks she's a vegetarian. The shark stopped eating meat after undergoing surgery to remove a fishhook that was lodged deep in her throat. After that, she was found stealing the vegetables meant for her green turtle roommate. Unfortunately, while she might love lettuce, sharks cannot survive on a vegetarian diet, so her keepers have to sneak fish into her heads of lettuce and into carved out cucumbers. Of course, like any good vegetarian, Florence will refuse to eat if she catches on to the ruse.

While no one knows why the shark became a vegetarian, she's safe as long as her caretakers keep sneaking her protein, and her veggie-obsession certainly makes her stand out from her peers.