TV Batman Window Cameos

Mario Marsicano

Jerry Lewis was the first guest star to pay Batman and Robin a quick visit.

Sammy Davis Jr. was holding dance rehearsal when the crime fighters scaled his wall.

I guess no one told Batman that Edward G. Robinson used to be a pretty big villain himself.

The late Dick Clark.

It was a crime fighter showdown when Batman and Robin met the Green Hornet and Kato.

HOGAN!!! Colonel Klink ditched Schultz when he came to Gotham City

You're chasing after the Penguin, and all of a sudden, you hear harpsichord music...who could it be?

And from what must've been the Christmas Show, the dynamic duo wish Santa a Merry Christmas.

[Thanks to loomyaire's YouTube Channel for all the great clips. This originally appeared a few years ago.]

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