The Late Movies: Songs About the Jersey Shore

Erica Palan

I've lived my whole life in Philadelphia, which means every summer, I start thinking about how much I want to go to Jersey. Traditionally, Philadelphians like to mock New Jersey for, well, everything. From bad drivers to bad food to anything in between, we're not fans of the Garden State. Except between Memorial Day and Labor Day when we flock there with glee, thrilled to be spending time on the closest beaches. The Jersey Shore is an iconic part of my summer and I thought I'd share it with you through these songs about Jersey. Any Jersey songs you like that didn't make the list?

On the Way to Cape May

Written by Maurice "Buddy" Nugent, this peppy number is a summer anthem for anyone in Philly or South Jersey. Re-recorded by local TV celeb Al Alberts, it was frequently broadcast on TV and radio.

Wildwood Days

Teen heart-throb Bobby Rydell released the song "Wildwood Days" in 1963.

Jersey Girl

Though popularized by Bruce Springsteen, this gritty song is by Tom Waits.

Under the Boardwalk

Popular warm-weather tune "Under the Boardwalk" was recorded by the Drifters in 1964.

4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

This Bruce Springsteen song has been described as "the perfect musical study of the Jersey Shore boardwalk culture."