How Many Spider-Men Can Fit Inside a Jamba Juice?

Chris Higgins

On May 8, 2007, David Letterman asked perhaps the least important question any man could have asked: "How many guys in Spider-Man suits can fit into a Jamba Juice restaurant in New York City?" In order to answer this question, Letterman sent a rather large group of Spider-Men into a Jamba Juice, filming the whole time. This is one of the dumbest, weirdest things I've ever seen. I think about this every few days. When life seems a little low, maybe you should just send some Spider-Men into a juice bar and have a chuckle, eh? BEHOLD:

Final count (spoiler alert): 18 Spider-Men, 3 Venoms, 1 Superman, 1 princess of some sort, 1 Dracula, 1 dog, 2 monkeys, and of course 1 Moses.

So here's a video from a patron who happened to be inside the Jamba Juice when the stunt went down:

And for your final bit of documentation, check out this Flickr photo of the full group taken by a bystander.