You Betcha: A "Fargo" Documentary, Yah


"It's Siberia with family restaurants," -the Coen brothers explain Minneapolis in this half-hour documentary about their film Fargo. The film, entitled "Minnesota Nice," explores that eponymous ultra-polite culture of Minnesotans, and how that politeness can be repressive, even leading to violence. Also notable is a discussion of whether the film is entirely fictional -- although the film itself has a title card claiming to be based on real events, it's presented as fiction...except that it appears to be partly based on a real murder but relocated and fictionalized. (Late in the documentary, it's mentioned that a woman from Japan came to Minnesota in an attempt to find the money hidden in the film.)

If you're a Coen Brothers fan, or vaguely remember Fargo, this is well worth your lunch break ("You got Arby's all over me!"). Or you could view it over your mandatory breakfast ("You gotta eat a breakfast!"). Language warning: a brief bit of swearing in the middle.

Haven't seen Fargo in a while? There's a pretty good Blu-ray version.